REACT aims to develop an innovative platform for the rapid and effective management of scenarios
immediately following a terrorist attack with chemical and biological agents. The platform will be built on to monitor and interact with CBRN context information.


Successfully monitored Venezia-Atalanta (34th day of Italian Serie A)

Despite a 3-1 defeat on the pitch, Venezia F.C., at whose 'Pierluigi Penzo' stadium the match against Atalanta was played, has certainly won the…

Martin, Linda and Mr. Act star in science cartoon for young and old alike

A great dream come true, that of the Science for Peace programme narrated in 120″ thanks to a cartoon that in 8 large plates (50 x 70 cm) will…

The testing step starts for the six REACT stations

The six REACT stations have been installed near one of the Venetian ARPAV monitoring station. This first step will allow Italian scientists from…

REACT control units now available at Ca’ Foscari University Campus

After a pre-testing phase guaranteed by the supplier, the REACT stations have started to measure the first parameters in the classrooms and…

Everything is ready at Palazzo Antici Mattei (Rome) for the opening cross-training meeting REACT

Three days organised in 5 working sessions and an internal meeting to encourage a scientific and political debate in the presence (physical and…

Tender officially opened: supply of 6 REACT control units

The 6-page tender specifications describe the expected characteristics of the monitoring system that will be tested between Italy and Georgia. Ten…

REACT video presentation (coming soon...)


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