REACT aims to develop an innovative platform for the rapid and effective management of scenarios
immediately following a terrorist attack with chemical and biological agents. The platform will be built on to monitor and interact with CBRN context information.


NATO Allies Committee meets with REACT researchers in Brussels

A delegation from REACT was invited by the Science for Peace & Security Programme (SPS) Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD) directorate…

In Tbilisi the 3rd REACT meeting “Towards an autonomous implementation of the REACT platform”

After meetings in Rome (December 2021), Venice (October 2022) it will be the Georgian capital that will bring together the REACT Research Group, a…

Practical internship on securing linear outdoor sporting events

Close to the border with the former Yugoslavia, a border that until 1989 also represented the point of contact between the Atlantic Alliance and the…

With exactly one year to go before the start of the competitions, REACT introduces itself to the Organizing Committee of European Athletics 2024

Presented in Rome at the historic FIDAL offices the REACT project. An afternoon of high education during which the Italian and U.S. researchers of…

SPS NATO program presented to future Sports Managers at 24Ore Business School in Milan, Italy

Among mass events, sports events, both indoor and outdoor, are those with the most critical security and monitoring issues. Thanks to the willingness…

Leaving for Tbilisi REACT units: new risk management tools in the Caucasus area

With cargo TK1868 from Venice to Istanbul and then destination Tbilisi with flight TK6166, the REACT project in the Caucasus area comes into full…

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